Our family and staff believe we can have a positive impact- not only on the lives of children, but on their families and the community.

The philosophy of Turtle Cove is to:

  • provide a secure, safe, loving and welcoming environment which promotes warm and positive relationhships.
  • encourage positive habits associated with play, rest, exercise, eating and toileting practices to ensure good health.
  • provide an enriching and spacious environment with ready access to natural materials such as water, sand, trees, dirt & grass (to enhance appreciation and love for the environment).
  • build self esteem by providing play based experiences to stimulate emotional, physical, social and cognitive development appropriate to the development age of the individual child.
  • assist in moral development and encourage the upholding of Christian values – showing kindness and consideration, forgiving and loving one another irrespective of gender or any other bias.
  • encourage work and play in an acceptable manner, to learn about fairness, take turns, share and respect the efforts of others.
  • provide an interesting and stimulating environment which is flexible in incorporating the needs, interests and skills of the Turtle Cove community.
  • increase an awareness of the community by inviting special visitors, going on excursions and introducing topics of interest.
  • enrich the lives of all children by respecting an individual’s culture and providing multicultural experiences in the program.
  • ensure policies and procedures which protect and enhance the wellbeing of children are implemented and reviewed regularly.
  • provide an environment where children can make real choices about learning.